Sales Psychology Training.

We help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals Thrive with providing Sales training and coaching for you and your team so that you can convert leads into paying clients. Empowering You and your team to feel confident in the art of Sales. We help you Grow Your Business!!

We Customise Your Sales Training!

Our customised sales training is designed to help your team reach their full potential and achieve their sales goals. With our tailored, practical approach, your team will gain the skills and knowledge they need to close more deals, increase productivity, and ultimately drive revenue growth. Get ready to see a significant improvement in your team’s performance and a positive impact on your business.

Through our integrated sales process program your team will be-able to see their progress and through the range of professional tools available they will be able to increase and manage their sales performance.


Team Sales Training & Coaching.

We provide tailored sales training and coaching which will enable your team to become confident in sales and will also support your clients through the customer journey. Your clients will love you and come back to you for repeat business and give you the best referrals lowering your marketing costs. Talk to us today about how we can support your business goals.


Telephone Sales Training.

Supporting your team to learn how to sell or book sales appointments over the phone or via zoom. Learn how to connect to your ideal clients fast with NLP Rapport building so that your team can connect to your ideal clients quickly.


Sales Motivation & Support.

Receive monthly coaching and support motivating your team to achieve their KPI's quickly. They will become very valuable for you encouraging collaboration and team connection so that your team stays with you for years to come. Imagine having a team who are hitting their KPI's happy which enable you more FREEDOM.

Build Strong Relationships and Close More Sales.

Inspire your team to follow up prospects with conviction and equip them with the best sales-converting techniques. Close more deals more frequently with our expert-lead training program. Your sales team will learn how to ask better questions, overcome their objections and land the sale with confidence.

MINDSET Financial Mindset is important, get that right.

Sell Your Value Proposition Through our sales psychology training, your team will learn practical techniques how to sell on value and not on price.

Overcoming Buyers Objections Our training teach your team how to deal with objections in a professional way that pushes the sale forwards, not backwards. The value of understanding buyers behavior. How can your your product or services add value to your business?

Ask Better Questions Most sales people talk too much; learn how to direct the conversation by asking the right questions and giving the right answers. It's so important to understand buyers behavior so you can uncover what your clients needs and then learn how to link your product or services to support your clients needs creating true connections and developing genuinely deeper relationships.

FOLLOW UP all the money is in the follow up. Your team will feel confident in building lasting relationships with your ideal client so they stay top of mind. One level higher prospecting, know other key people in the company your building relationships with.

CLOSE, Learn the art of Negotiation so you don't loose your margins. Your Team will feel confident in asking for the business and understand how to take your ideal client through the closing process as an Expert in their field.

Sales Training Coaching & Support

Now that you have generated leads into your company. Are you and your sales team converting them into paying clients? Good Sales Process will close the sale, retain your clients for repeat business, and will love referring clients to you.



Generating leads for your business is expensive. Are you leaving money on the table? Are you generating qualified leads? Are you wasting money on ineffective marketing? We deep dive into your sales and marketing processes to determine if you are generating leads from your target market and converting them into profitable sales.


Booking Appointments

Learn how to book qualified solid appointments with clients. Leave your client genuinely looking forward to meeting with you and with an expectation that you will have solutions to meet their needs.



We will teach your team how to present to your ideal client. They will learn how to sell themselves, your company or product or service. Your sales team will become 100% sales person. Your team will learn how to build value and how to link your ideal clients problems to your product or service and your ideal clients will ask them how do they get started. Your team will love it!


Handling Objections

Your team will learn how to love handling objections by the time we teach them our proven process. They will convert so many of your ideal clients with ease, grace and fun. Learning how to negotiate without having to discount will help you reach your margins.


Close & Follow Up

Learn how to close without feeling fear. We teach you the Energetic of sales and teach you how to stay open, fun so that it's a smooth transition into the closing. If you or your team is converting under 75% then you are burning money. We can help get you and team back on track to converting from 85% to 95% of the time.


Asking for Referrals

Did you know by asking for referrals in your sales process it stops the buyers remorse and helps your clients move from the emotional to logic side of the brain. People buy emotionally and back it up logically. We have scripts and process to help you retain your clients after the initial sales call.

Why people love to work with us.

It's SIMPLE, we help our clients attract their ideal clients and help them convert to paying clients. We would love to help you Increase Your Sales Revenue for your business and impacting more of your ideal clients creating win-win-win synergy for everyone involved. We love what we do and have been helping a company Thrive in the most ethical and aligned to their goals, is what we love BEST! We will provide guidance and advice to you which will increase sales productivity. Coaching your sales team and also your Sales Manager to support them to reach company KPI's.

If you haven't done so already we will show you how to monitor your KPI's so that we can see where your team needs training at every stage of the sales process. Numbers tell stories and when we keep records of these numbers so we can identify where there are weaknesses or inefficiencies are in your sales team. We can then train in these areas to help increase your sales representatives performances reaching their KPI's unlocking your companies growth.

The Benefits of Using Our Servcies Are:

  • Increase Sales Revenue - we will help you increase sales revenue FAST!

  • Maximise Sales - Stop wasting sales leads and maximise the opportunities to grow your business!

  • Tailored Sales Training - we are not a cookie-cutter service, we will identify your specific needs and then provide training based around your goals!

  • Give your team the tools they need to succeed. Helps them grow beyond their comfort zones and gives them motivation to reach for the stars.

  • Sales Training and Coaching provides your team with a sense of belonging. Sales coaching creates a culture that values success and encourages them to grow.

  • We spend time with your team so that they can Practice, Drill and Rehearse so that your team will become confident in selling your products or services to your ideal clients.

  • Sales coaching helps your sales representatives to grow into high performing individuals who make a big difference to your organisation.

  • Improves customer satisfaction. A company who don't provide great customer service & customer satisfaction will quickly lose their customers.

  • Building long term relationships with customers who will come back for repeat business and provide excellent source of referrals for your business.

  • Improve communication and develop as a group, encouraging collaboration between different teams and departments.

  • Boosts an individuals professional development and helps improve their ability to achieve sales targets and gain better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Some examples of these individuals with support and guidance include:

  • Top performers

  • High-potential sales professionals

  • Problem solvers

  • New Sales Leaders

  • Top Executives

Grow your business and Impact Your Clients.

You Sales People need support to Reach their Desired KPI"s Provide them with the sales training so they can feel confident to represent your company. Retaining your team to stay with you for years to come. Working together as a team to solve your clients problems.

What's Your Company average KPI's? Are your people at different levels and you want everyone to be performing at 85% or better. How much would our training be worth to you if you can have your team performing at their very highest consistently.

Get in Touch and we can show what's possible!



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Some Companies We Have Worked With.

Your Business & Sales Coach.

Anna Willey is a highly accomplished Business and Sales Coach, known for her expertise in guiding individuals and organisations towards achieving remarkable growth and success. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of sales strategies, Anna has become a trusted mentor for countless professionals seeking to enhance their business acumen and maximize their potential.Anna developed an innate drive for business at an early age. She completed her undergraduate studies in Business Administration, specializing in Sales Marketing, and went on to earn her top management positions within different organisations with a focus on Sales Management. Armed with a strong educational foundation and a natural flair for connecting with people, Anna embarked on her journey to empower others through coaching.

With over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, Anna has held key leadership positions in renowned multinational companies. Her diverse background spans various industries, including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods, giving her a well-rounded perspective on business dynamics and sales methodologies.Anna's coaching style is characterized by her ability to blend empathy, intuition, analytical thinking, and strategic vision. She possesses an uncanny knack for identifying individuals' strengths and areas for improvement, helping them unlock their full potential. Whether it's developing effective sales techniques, refining negotiation skills, or building strong client relationships, Anna's guidance empowers her clients to overcome challenges and achieve extraordinary results. As a Business and Sales Coach, Anna has successfully worked with a wide range of clients, from solopreneurs and small businesses to large corporations. She offers personalised coaching sessions, workshops, and seminars that are tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual or organisation. Anna's approach combines proven methodologies, industry insights, and practical tools, ensuring her clients gain valuable skills and strategies that yield tangible results.

Beyond her coaching practice, Anna is an avid advocate for continuous learning and personal growth. She stays updated on the latest trends and innovations in the business and sales landscape, constantly refining her own knowledge and skills. She actively participates in industry conferences, engages in networking activities, and frequently contributes to thought leadership publications.Anna's impact as a Business and Sales Coach has been widely recognised, and her success stories are a testament to her expertise and dedication. She takes pride in witnessing her clients thrive, exceed their targets, and transform their businesses into profitable ventures.

Anna's unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with her genuine passion for helping others succeed, has made her a sought-after coach in the business world. In her spare time, Anna enjoys traveling, exploring new cultures, and immersing herself in nature. She also engages in philanthropic endeavors, supporting initiatives focused on empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and underserved communities. For individuals and organisations looking to elevate their business performance and sales capabilities, Anna Willey stands as a beacon of guidance and inspiration, ready to unlock their true potential and help them achieve unparalleled success.

The ability to identify

and Attract Your Target Market

Ensure to increase of

expected sales

Here's is What Our Clients Say About Us.

Our customers Feedback.

Our Amazing Clients Testimonial.

Anna is an excellent Business coach, Specialising in Sales and Marketing. Her sales and Marketing training has given me and my practitioners the skills to enroll more clients expanding our impact creating a ripple effect. I highly recommend working with Anna. She has the knowledge and expertise to support you.


Jo Pascoe

BEST Therapy Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Anna's coaching offers experienced guidance and support which has helped me lift my business to a whole new level. Thank you Anna for supporting me in my business,It's been wild.


Mellissa Gardner

Meluka Design

Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I have worked with Anna in many capacity over the past 10 years. Anna is amazing at Sales and Sales Training. I don't enjoy Sales however Anna has taught me a process whereby I take my clients through the Enrollment process and at the end they sing up. I highly recommend working with Anna as she really understands the psychology of sales and teaches it in a simple enjoyable way."

Louise Knight - Founder of Create Family Happiness. Quantum Connection Coach

PACKAGES - A few ways to work with Us.

Even though we have these thee packages, We are open and are happy to look at what you need to create a package that is tailor made for your company. We are here to help you grow your business. All of our packages comes with customise training for you and your team.

Team Training

Most sales people talk too much; learn how to direct the conversation by asking the right questions and giving the right answers.

Sales Training

How to keep your higher performers performing and growing

Workbooks Included

Psychology of Sales

NLP Rapport Building

Reviewing Your Sales Process

Body Language

Building Value

Objection Handling Techniques

Close More Deals

Follow Up, stay top of mind

100% Sales Person

How to Ask for Referrals

Disc Profiling

And So much more...

Sales Training & Coaching

Most sales people talk too much; learn how to direct the conversation by asking the right questions and giving the right answers.

Monthly Sales Training for you and Your Team

How to keep the higher performers, performing and growing

Workbooks Included

Role Play - Practice, Drill, Rehearse

Psychology of Sales

Reviewing Your Sales Process

Body Language

Phone Sales & Face to Face Sales Training

Building Value of Your Product or Service

Building Value of Your Product or Service

The Art of Closing Business

Handling Objection

Asking for Referrals

The Energetic of Sales

One-on-one Transformation Coaching to see where there are blocks in sales to increase performance

And So Much More...

Telephone Sales Training & Coaching

Most sales people talk too much; learn how to direct the conversation by asking the right questions and giving the right answers.

Monthly Sales Training for you and Your Team for three months

How to keep the higher performers, performing and growing

Psychology of Sales

Reviewing Your Sales Process

NLP Rapport Building for the telephone

Phone Sales

Building Value of Your Product or Service

Closing Techniques

Handling Objection

Asking for Referrals

The Energetic of Sales

One-on-one Transformation Coaching to see where there are blocks in sales to increase performance.

Another Client


Hi I’m Judith Lane, I am a midwife of 30 years and now setting up my EFT/Matrix re-imprinting coaching business. In the past, I have always struggled with my self-confidence and putting myself out there. I am now going ‘Live’ online promoting myself and my business. I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing this in the past.

Through Anna’s wisdom and guidance, I have gained so much self-confidence. Anna has opened my eyes to my potential. I wouldn’t have dreamed that I would be developing a program to empower people, removing core beliefs and blocks that are holding them back.

Anna’s one on one coaching session is out of this world and I always come away feeling inspired, motivated and elevated. I am excited to take the action steps to complete the home plays. It’s been such an amazing experience. I’m blown away by how much we have achieved together so far!

Also, my team leader in my MLM business has noticed a huge difference in my confidence, my presence and my connection to self, and has questioned what am I doing differently. The support, guidance and wisdom she has given me are so valuable. I wouldn’t have been able to do this on my own and it has also helped me & fast track my growth.


Judith Lane

Melbourne, Australia

Energetic Sales: Igniting Success through Passion and Persuasion

In the dynamic world of sales, one quality stands out among the rest—energy. Energetic sales professionals possess an infectious enthusiasm that propels them towards success. They are driven, charismatic, and unwavering in their pursuit of customer satisfaction and closing deals. This content explores the essence of energetic sales and how it can lead to remarkable achievements in the business arena.

What is Energetic Sales?

Energetic sales is a proactive approach that combines passion, enthusiasm, and a sense of urgency to create an engaging and compelling sales experience. It involves infusing high levels of energy into every interaction with customers, whether it's in-person, over the phone, or through digital channels. Energetic sales professionals are driven by a genuine desire to connect with their customers, understand their needs, and provide tailored solutions.

Key Traits of Energetic Sales Professionals:

  • Passion: Energetic sales professionals are genuinely passionate about what they do. They believe in the value of their products or services and convey that enthusiasm to their customers. Their passion is contagious, capturing the attention and interest of potential buyers.

  • Confidence: Confidence is a crucial trait for any sales professional, and energetic salespeople exude it effortlessly. Their self-assurance stems from deep product knowledge, extensive market research, and a strong belief in their ability to meet customer needs. This confidence allows them to engage customers with conviction and overcome objections effectively.

  • Persistence: Energetic sales professionals possess an unwavering persistence to achieve their goals. They do not give up easily, even in the face of rejection. Instead, they see challenges as opportunities to learn, adapt, and improve. Their persistence helps them build long-term relationships with customers and ultimately close more deals.

  • Active Listening: Energetic sales professionals understand the importance of active listening. They pay close attention to their customers' needs, concerns, and preferences, allowing them to provide personalized solutions. By actively listening, they create a genuine connection with customers, fostering trust and rapport.

  • Adaptability: The sales landscape is constantly evolving, and energetic sales professionals adapt quickly to change. They embrace new technologies, market trends, and customer preferences, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition. Their adaptability allows them to tailor their approach to each customer, maximizing their chances of success.

Benefits of Energetic Sales

  • Increased Engagement: Energetic sales professionals captivate their audience through their lively and enthusiastic demeanor. By engaging customers on an emotional level, they create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. This heightened engagement leads to stronger customer relationships and increased loyalty.

  • Improved Sales Performance: Energetic sales professionals consistently outperform their peers. Their passion and energy translate into higher conversion rates, larger deal sizes, and increased customer retention. By going the extra mile, they exceed customer expectations, resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line.

  • Positive Company Image: Energetic sales professionals serve as brand ambassadors, representing the company's values and culture. Their enthusiastic approach reflects positively on the organization, enhancing its reputation in the marketplace. Customers perceive them as genuine and trustworthy, leading to an enhanced brand image and increased customer referrals.

  • Personal Satisfaction: Energetic sales professionals derive immense personal satisfaction from their work. Their passion for helping customers, overcoming challenges, and achieving targets fuels their motivation. The sense of accomplishment and the thrill of closing deals contribute to their overall job satisfaction.

Harnessing the Power of Energetic Sales

Companies can foster an environment that encourages energetic sales by:

  • Cultivating a Positive Culture: Creating a positive and supportive workplace culture empowers sales professionals to bring their energy to the forefront. Recognize and reward their achievements, provide ongoing training and development opportunities, and foster collaboration and teamwork.

  • Providing Tools and Technology: Equipping sales teams with the right tools and technology streamlines their processes, enabling them to focus on building relationships with customers. Implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems, sales enablement tools, and digital platforms to enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • Encouraging Continuous Learning: Promote a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement. Offer sales training programs, workshops, and coaching sessions to help sales professionals refine their skills and stay up to date with industry trends.

  • Setting Realistic Goals: Set clear and achievable goals that align with the organization's objectives. Encourage healthy competition among sales professionals while fostering a collaborative environment that emphasizes teamwork and shared success.

Energetic Sales a Powerful Force

Energetic sales is a powerful force that drives success in the sales arena. By infusing passion, confidence, persistence, active listening, and adaptability into their approach, sales professionals can create meaningful connections with customers, increase engagement, and achieve remarkable results. Companies that recognise and nurture the power of energetic sales are poised to thrive in a competitive marketplace, leaving a lasting impact on their customers and their bottom line.

Frequently Ask Question

How will you customize the training to my business?

One size does not fit all when it comes to sales training — or any training, for that matter. The most effective training programs are customized to include the specific challenges, selling scenarios and industry language that participants are familiar with. Customized training increases engagement and retention, maximizing return on investment (ROI). We will sit down with your company to understand your needs and then apply training for your target market.

FAQ image

Does Your training cover product or service?

We have experience in training your team in both products and service. We understand the physiology in selling both and have results in both and also across all industries.

FAQ image

What industry have you successfully helped, and what did success look like for them?

Sales Training can be one of the most Impactful ways you can contribute to the success of your company. We have helped industries such as Finance, Property, Property Development, Accounting, Coaches, MLM, Recruitment, Personal Development Industry. We increase sales on average by 50% - 400%.

FAQ image

What reinforcement will follow training?

For lasting results in lasting behavior change and sales performance improvement. The difference between success and failure can often be the quality of the reinforcement program. We provide training that has a robust reinforcement program to build on the momentum of the training and solidify new behaviors. Reinforcement strategies are engaging, interactive and easily integrated into your sales team’s daily routine.

FAQ image

Why should my company invest in sales training services?

Investing in sales training services can benefit your company in several ways. It helps sales professionals develop essential skills such as effective communication, negotiation, and objection handling. Sales training also keeps teams up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques, leading to increased sales productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced revenue generation.

FAQ image

What topics are typically covered in sales training programs?

Sales training programs often cover a range of topics tailored to the needs of sales professionals. Common subjects include sales techniques, prospecting and lead generation, effective communication, active listening, objection handling, negotiation skills, product knowledge, sales presentations, relationship building, time management, and sales psychology and energetic sales.

FAQ image

Can sales training help improve existing sales teams' performance?

Absolutely. Sales training services are designed not only for new hires but also to enhance the performance of existing sales teams. Ongoing training and skill development programs can help sales professionals refine their techniques, update their knowledge, and stay motivated. This leads to improved sales performance, increased closing rates, and better customer relationships.

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